The object of this article is to present the jewels found during the archaeological surveys of the necropolis located around Church №2 in the Inner city of Kaliakra. The church and adjacent necropolis have been examined by George Djingov and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bonnie Petrunova. According to dating given by Assoc. Prof. B. Petrunova the main part of the excavated graves are within the chronological limits of XIII-XIV c., but there are some earlier ones - from the XI-XII century.

The artifacts used in this report are only those found during the archeological surveys conducted in the period between 2010-2013, because information from previous campaigns is insufficient to be used in this paper. The number of examined graves in the period 2010-2013 is 191. Burial gifts were found in 77 graves. There are found 71 earrings, 11 rings, 26 applications and 1 pendant. From them in burial pits were found: 53 earrings, 4 rings, 26 applications and 1 pendant. The other findings were found around the graves, the material was probably taken out during later reburial or due to multiple use of some of the burial pits.

The ornaments will be reviewed in functional groups, and for their functionality will be taken into account the context of their finding. In order to clarify the geographic distribution and dating of each type will be used similar findings from other sites in Bulgaria.