Aktopraklık is situated 25 km west of Bursa and located on one of the eastern terraces of Lake Ulubat. Starting from 7th millenium’s second half, process can be traced uninterruptedly nearly one thousand years of a period. At Aktopraklık Neolithic and Chalcolithic layers are detected. Remnants of a settlement which is characterised with wattle and daub buildings are dated to Early Chalcolithic Era, around 5800-5600 cal. BC. Wattle and daub buildings, which were distinguished by post holes could unearthed in a limited area. Our knowledge about this phase’s settlement plan is also limited but it’s known that these buildings were built without rubble foundation. Pottery assemblage of this wattle and daub layer is known not only from Northwest Anatolia but also from other regions in Anatolia and Balkans. This presentation aims to contribute understanding this time of period in Aktopraklık scale, by evaluating and comparing pottery assemblage from wattle and daub layer according to its material-technique and typological concept.