The Povelyanovo site was found during construction works in April

  1. It is located on the northwestern coast of the Beloslav lake. The site wasn`t examined by archaeological excavations and the only known material comes from the dredging works. This makes the material non-stratified, without any data usable for analysis stratigraphic. According to the company which completed the dredging, materials were found in a territory of about 200 m length. The cultural layer begins from a 2 m below the today water surface and ends at 6,50 m. The materials are dated in Late Eneolithic and Early Bronze Age.

There is only one known short notice about the site, with no material published. It can be defined as a settlement, because together with the pottery, wooden posts and tools from various raw materials are found. A problem occurs with the demarcation of the materials, because except the pottery, the tools can be dated back to either Late Eneolithic or Early Bronze Age, because of their close technological characteristics. That is why, the only surely Eneolithic material is the pottery. There are 143 sherds collected from the settlement, which were stored in the collection of Varna Archaeological Museum and have not been handled or published until now. The pottery is highly fragmented and only two intact profiles of vessels are known. Still, its amount allows technological, typological and ornamentation analyses, which shows full similarity with the known pottery of the other Eneolithic sites from the Varna lakes area. Their chronological position is phase II of Varna Culture, which easily can be applied to Povelyanovo settlement also. However, there are some features, which could define some of the examples in earlier stage of the development of the Culture.

Other problem, which needs to be reviewed, is if this is a separate settlement or is part of the known Devnia settlement, which is located close to it and was archaeologically excavated in 1969.