About the known from sources and from epigraphic monuments Thracian king Rhoemetalces II, son of Rhascuporis, exist some uncertainty in numismatic relation.

It is exacerbated by the fact that no fully published large hoard exists and part of known speciments are associated either with king Rhoemetalces I or king Rhoemetalces II.

My purposes are: to focus on coin emissions, which are made only from bronze, in two nominals: both have similar inscriptions – av. – ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΡΟΙΜΗΤΑΛΚΟV; - rv. - ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑΤΟΡΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΟΣ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟV. On revers always is head of roman emperor Tiberius, but the avers images which have one or two busts and weight are the only differences between nominals.; to submit comments on the different points of view and to propose an actual opinion on the issue using and combine information from unpublished deposits of king’s Rhoemetalces II coins, sources, epigraphic data.

Rhoemetalces II ruled over Thrace till 37/8 AD and was succeeded by Rhoemetalces III – son of Cotys and Antonia Tryphaena, the last king of Thrace.