The items of gold on the territory of the Kodzhadermen-Gumelnita-Karanovo VI (KGK VI) are characterized with its rarity. In burial context, they unconditionally possess “exotic character and origin” and are a mark of prestige. Their discovery in small or single quantities is an indicator for import from a region with intense distribution of such items and an existing at that time metal-working center.

Golden items in graves within the territory of the KGK VI are discovered in a total of 7 situations (2%) in the necropolises of Radingrad, Vinitsa, Golyamo Velchevo, Smyadovo and Varašti. In terms of kind, there are applications, beads and earrings.

In the burial inventory, along with golden items, there are also flat copper axes, stone hammer axe, which is evidence for the “prestige” of all three items. The possession of gold is indicator for the distinguishing of a narrow group of people within the ancient community of each settlement. In comparison we have to mention that within the Chalcolithic necropolis of Varna the number of graves with golden items discovered inside, is 62. Apparently the social stratification on the territory of the KGK VI in terms of quantity is on a much lower stage and has a gain-on position.