The present report discusses a small group of imports which has been found within Bulgarian lands during the last few decades. The so called net-pattern vessels are mostly represented by ceramic hemispherical cups which are decorated with network of incised lines. This type of decoration can also be seen on other shapes, such as askos or inkwell. The net-pattern bowls are usually made on a wheel but there are also moldmade bowls and such made from glass and silver. The group is distributed from the second half of 3rd century almost to the end of the 2nd century BC in vast territories ranging from Magna Grаecia to Greece, Asia Minor and the Northern Black Sea coast. This type of vessels is comparatively rare in principle and so is the case with the finds from Bulgaria. For now, we know of three whole examples - two ceramic bowls and one from silver, also a piece from a glass vessel have been found.

The aim of the study is to analyze these finds coming from the present day Bulgarian territory which includes the Inner Thrace and also several ancient Greek colonies on the Black sea coast. Those are two lands well distinguished from one another but also connected in a specific symbiosis.